wheel chair can drive

I was driving a wheelchair.

Obstacles in the driving seat of the cart as it is, it is very time consuming when changing seats. Both up and down the car Always need others to help you. For this reason the Kenguru electric car manufacturers have developed new models for release in the United States. The selling point is ease up and down the car without the need to seek help from others.

The chassis of the car Kenguru length 2.1 meters high, 1.5 meters is smaller than a Smart Car because it uses cabin for just the scythe. The inside of this car seat is not installed, but he uses a wheelchair accessible seat instead. Method is very simple, just open up the back door until it was plowed up to the driver. Once in the car, and lock the car, this is it as far as it would go immediately. Because the car is a small vehicle control. Turning the steering wheel is not used. But is used like motorcycle handlebars instead. This car is designed for use in the city. The top speed of 25 miles / hour (40 km / h) sprint distance of 60 miles on a single electric charge (60 km), priced at $ 25,000 or Kenguru sell 825,000 baht, but prices are down since. there will be a green energy tax rebates to people with disabilities and mobility tax qualified account.

Kenguru deemed as a country with a history dating back with interest. Underlying idea was originally conceived by the Hungarian Istvan Kissaroslaki of Calgary many years ago. But can not produce sold out due to insufficient funding, but in 2010, a lawyer, an American named Stacy Zoern He is one of the disability caused by myocardial infarction have been dealing with Kenguru online, do I think that this car needed. I persuaded her Zoern Kissaroslaki moving company in Austin, Texas, to help find investors to support the production of this car since then.

Until a month ago The company announced officially that Kenguru prepared to put into production in America. Those who interested to buy can be ordered online at the website of the scheduled delivery of the first car to take 12-18 months.

Source : http://goo.gl/PcB0Jx