AQM (aggressive quality management)
Monitoring system places the equipment and staff to work,Separate zone by area. If the work has many sections for analysis at which point the problem area.

  1. Each of the Audit Manager will be assigned to each area.
  2. Notified through the email system to employees.
  3. Measurement problems in the system.
  4. Responsible for editing and photography to be updated into the system. Supporting evidence and files and images. (Must have a photo
  5. The division of responsibility clear. And is constantly updated with the changes.
  6. Alert issues have not been resolved with the band through email and if I set it up.
  7. Via email to alert management if the problem is not fixed (eg once a day).
  8. Pictures are not displayed in the editor.
  9. The graph shows the overall problem. And the overall solution. (Separate zones can be displayed by area).