Customer Relationship Management: SUGARCRM

Customer Relationship Management: SUGARCRM  

The concept of the business operations to the employees in the organization access behavior each.And satisfaction with the products and customer service to be there Systemically. The centralized data storage and reporting to summarize. Sales, marketing and Interaction with partners to improve the management and operations of the organization.

Systems Software SUGARCRM ™.

capacity to support business processes related to the customer relationship management  is in three main parts:



To the target audience to bring new customers to the processing of large data. Data Mining, Campaign Management, Lead Generation In order to build long-term relationships with customers.


The process of selling  system  and efficient tool to create documents, presentations. Knowledge Management , Contact Management and evaluation revenue.


Services :

Service both before and after the sale effectively.Through the interaction process, which helps to understand the status of the customer and satisfaction with services.

A system such as that described above  SUGAR CRM ™ can help your organization to manage the sales and customer service the creation of a stable and efficient. Which ultimately will result in increased sales and profits in the business.

Important feature.

360 degree view
Currently look data a side or 360 degrees an important part in the development of aggressive marketing. SUGAR CRM™ system can respond in every aspect by making the data center where users can access customer history. Show to interact with information, Service history, Consumption behavior, Resume, Relationships with other customers. So that users can make cross-sales or Up-sales or products that customers may be interested.

Easy to use
SUGARCRM ™ was created by the user at the heart of development to login. Users will have to understand the system quickly. The ease of use and the benefit of the hallmarks of the day which the effectiveness better of performance improvement.

Value for investment.

Applications system SUGARCRM™ which was developed from Open Source. Help your organization reduce costs in developing customized of CRM systems in the market from 50% – 70% additional features can also be included along with a low budget.

• Reduce costs by customization up to 80%

• Reduce total cost of the system up to 40%.

• Reduce the cost of training for up to 50%.

Adjust as needed.

Systems Software SUGARCRM ™ was developed from Open Source way that the system can be improved in order to meet the needs of the user.The basic model can be customized by users without programming for customizing a complex .

SUGARCRM ™ System (Framework) and  the instruction set of SOAP APIs to customize and fully.

Features of the system.

Marketing Automation

Marketers can use SUGARCRM ™ to create and track marketing campaigns to the distribution of information to the Target group. Analysis responses and accurate precisely for example, in an email campaign. SUGARCRM ™ has the ability to analyze the number of readers. And respond effectively.The system can also be linked to the sales campaign to analyze the success of each campaign.


Marketing Automation System consists of the following applications.

  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Collateral
  • SMS Campaign Marketing
  • Fax Broadcast

Sales Management

System software SUGARCRM™ Increase the efficiency of the salesman. You can track your employees and customers with account information. In order to make the up-sell existing customers. Coordination among the sales staff. Monitor the situation and process of the sale. Coordination and shared via Microsoft Outlook or other applications as well.

Sales Management System consists of the ability to use the following.

  • Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Team Management
  • Outlook Plug-in

Customer Support

Finding new customers is harder to sell to the same customer multiple times. System operates in SUGARCRM ™.Have the ability to handle customer complaints effectively. Various complaints. Are centralized and forward it to the relevant parties to resolve the issue. Problem will be solved as recorded knowledge. (knowledgebase). To use to solve future problems. The service will allow customers to repeat purchase behavior. And maintain long-term relationships with customers.

Systems in the Customer Support.Includes the ability to use the following.

  • Case Management
  • Knowledgebase
  • Issue Escalation
  • SMS notification

Case Management
Complaints management system. Can store details of customer problems the Ledger for distribution to the responsible person their aptitude section. Users can determine the age of the problems and priorities. So that the system can monitor and evaluate the performance of the Call Center staff effectively. The system also can transfer the complaint to the staff, I also maintain a record of service.Services to continue without interruption.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management through a web interface. The user processes can access the information easily and also can store statistics to use documents. To show that knowledge is being used on a regular basis.Looking for a Full-text Search. Improve access to information more quickly and more accurately.

Call Center Integration

Call Center System most often require the development of a new system.Call Center to work with the core.

Properties from the Integration with Call Center system are as follows.

• Screen-pops: the display screen when a customer calls came.

• Preview dialing: To call out to the target audience by clicking on the item number of the customer.

• Fax back: sending a fax to the customer upon request.


The coordination between the teams and employees effectively. Sugar Management System project activities and sale of a documentation system. To support the operation and communication between staff and clients of the organization.

Collaboration System Includes the ability to use the following.

  • Activity Management
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Shared Calendar

The architecture of the system.

SUGARCRM™ is a software tool developed on an open systems architecture. Operating system can be installed in a variety of ways such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris etc. Database systems are RDBMS SUGARCRM ™.Can be installed on either MyQL or Oracle 10g. Depending on the needs of the customer.


Operating System :

Linux, Windows 2000/XP, Mac OSX

Web Server :

Apache, Microsoft IIS, and other web servers that support PHP

Data Base :

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle


Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.0GHz Or better (depending on number of users).


4 GB Or more (depending on number of users).

Storage :

SAS 146GB or more (depending on number of users).
Raid-1 or Raid-5 Hard Drive Controller









Sales Force Automation

  • Manage contact.
  • Account management partners.
  • Recommended for sales management (Leeds).
  • Sales and Outbound.

Marketing Management.

  • Manage trade campaigns.
  • Send e-mail campaigns.
  • Send a fax campaign.
  • Send SMS campaign.

After-sales service system.

  • Complaint management and the workers.
  • Detail Worksheet.
  • show responsibility.
  • managed by the SLA.