MBO (Management by Objectives)
MBO is a management objective is to capture the main process with the participation of all members.To set objectives and achieve operational objectives.

Benefits of MBO

  1. Individuals understand their roles and responsibilities are complete. And more obvious.
  2. Who knows why they do this,Make their work more meaningful and less strained.
  3. Employee with less fatigue.
  4. Coordination between supervisors and subordinates better.
  5. The conflict between the organizations and agencies to coordinate better.
  6. Quality and speed of the solution improves. Decisions more rational.
  7. Target makes commit the most important instead of wasting time on something frivolous.
  8. Efficiency. Higher performance.
  9. Motivation and morale high.
  10. Individual will develop originality. Leadership and the desire to succeed.

The program feature.

  1. MD / Manager MBO be assigned to each employee.
  2. Employee assessment system is based on a Real-time data sources.
  3. Assessment system. Grade of each employee and On-time.
  4. At the end of the year MD / Manager for approval.
  5. Information display Real time.
  6. Employees can check MBO system and only see themselves only.
  7. Manager to see if any information has been updated.
  8. MBO system status via email to each employee’s monthly.
  9. The most current update MBO of staff.
  10. Employees to complete self-assessment into the program.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
KPI is a tool for performance measurement and evaluation of the operational aspects of the organization.Which can show the effects of measurement and evaluation in the data.To reflect performance. Effective operation of organizations within the enterprise.

The program feature.

  1. A radar chart axis can add up to 8 cores (each core user can enter information in the custom settings).
  2. Choose year to display.
  3. Report of the years. View historical data to compare the performance of previous years.  For decision making.
  4. Can Upload file. Jpg, .Png, .Gif to display image information through various programs.