Jasper Report

  JasperReports, at its core, is an embeddable, open-source Java-based reporting tool that can write to a variety of destinations. It can generate dynamic content suitable for embedded analytics. It includes the JasperReports Library, which is a reporting engine, and the JasperReports Server that provides advanced server capabilities, such as report scheduling and permissions-based access.

Why use JasperReports?

  • Fast, Easy Insights: Draw insights from visualizations more quickly and easily than from raw numerical data. Pull data from a variety of platforms and data sources to generate more comprehensive reports.
  • Access Data Faster: Build a custom data warehouse and extract, transform and load data, or move it between sources, or store it in a single combined source. Leverage data virtualization capabilities for data analysis at the speed of thought.
  • View Data on the Go: Access and share reports and dashboards on the go with a native mobile app for iPhone and Android, including touch-based browser support for iPad. Embed it into other mobile apps with SDK support for iOS and Android.
  • Design Custom Applications: Built on the Visualize.js JavaScript framework, it allows developers to build web application dashboards by working directly with the script for greater flexibility.